Freedom Motorsports supporting Veterans in whatever ways they may have a need. The owner of Freedom Motorsports, Chris Kelley is himself a Service Connected Disabled Veteran who is dedicated to helping other veterans however he can. Chris has been through a lot of the same struggles many veterans face when transitioning back to civilian life and understands how difficult the transition can be, especially when combined with a service connected disability.

Chris has always made donations to other veteran’s assistance organizations, but when he was contacted by one of his customers about the needs of a disabled veteran friend who had been having a tough time physically and financially, Chris felt a need to get involved in a way as to truly help that veteran and his family. As a result, Chris put together a project to get that veteran’s (Vince) Suburban the repairs that Vince could not afford on his own. In the process, he also raised money toward helping to make the Holidays a little brighter for Vince’s family.

Chris does not need or ask for recognition or compensation of any kind for his efforts, he simply feels driven to help those that have sacrificed in the defense of the freedoms that we all so gratefully enjoy. It is because of this desire that Chris decided to take his helping one veteran during the 2013 Holiday season a little further and begin offering more assistance to other veterans wherever he could. This begins with a commitment to choose one veteran every holiday season for whom to make repairs for their vehicles, help pay bills, home improvements or whatever that veteran needs the most. While not promising to solve all problems, that would be impossible for one person, Chris and those that have partnered with him in his efforts have determined to make a real difference in the lives of those that they can help.

Freedom Motorsports Veterans Assistance Project would not be possible without the participation of not people just like you who are kind enough to provide donations, but also for the other companies out there that believe in supporting veterans of the United States Military. Below you will find a list of manufacturers, wholesale direct suppliers, shops and other companies that have stepped up and decided to join us in making the projects we work on for our veterans, truly life changing! We wend a huge thank you out to all of these companies! is a proud cosponsor of Veteran's Assistance Project.
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