BORLA has announced the release of their catback exhaust system for the 2012-2013 Range Rover Evoque. This system features 2.5" stainless steel piping which leads to split 2" piping after the rear axle. Dual 3.5" stainless rolled tips are included with this system as well.
Superior-quality austenitic stainless steel is used due to its extreme durability and low weight. From the design characteristics of the inner cores to the amount of sound-absorbing composite filament, all specifications of BORLA exhaust systems are tuned on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis for an optimum blend of performance and sound.
Fitment: 2012-2013 Range Rover Evoque 2.0L Automatic Trans All Wheel Driver 2 and 4 door.
Part Number:140497

Available now: Borla Cat Back System 140497