aFe Power is pleased to announce the release of the new F3 Torque Converter line for diesel trucks with NO CORE CHARGES.

If you are looking to put your power to the pavement, you need aFe's F3 Torque Converter. As you add engine performance parts like intakes, manifolds, etc. the factory torque converter's stall RPM rises thus reducing the available low RPM pulling power. This is where the F3 torque converter comes in. Installing the F3 torque converter will lower your stall speed to as low as 1,200RPM giving you the perfect range for diesel trucks up to 1,000hp. The results of using an F3 torque converter are improved 0-60mph times (by up to 1-second), increases in towing speeds, lower transmission fluid temperatures and a more satisfying driving experience. The F3 torque converters come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Features and Benefits

- 1200 RPM Stall for Maximum Pulling Power
- Reduces 0-60MPH Times (by up to 1 second)
- Handles up to 1000 HP
- Lifetime Warranty

Make/Engine Model Years P/N
Dodge Cummins 6.7L 2500/3500 2007.5-Current 43-12031-NC
Dodge Cummins 5.9L 2500/3500 2003-2007 43-12021-NC
Dodge Cummins 5.9L 2500/3500 1994-2002 43-12011-NC
Ford Power Stroke 6.7L F250/F350 2011-Current 43-13071-NC
Ford Power Stroke 6.4L F250/F350 2008-2010 43-13061-NC
Ford Power Stroke 6.0L F250/F350 2003-2007 43-13051-NC
Ford Power Stroke 7.3L F250/F350-4 stud 1999-2003 43-13041-NC
Ford Power Stroke 7.3L F250/F350-6 stud 1999-2003 43-13031-NC
Ford Power Stroke 7.3L F250/F350-4 stud 1994-1997 43-13021-NC
Ford Power Stroke 7.3L F250/F350-6 stud 1994-1997 43-13011-NC
GM Duramax 6.6L Silverado/Sierra HD 2001-Current 43-14011-NC